Sounding the Heart Yoga©  with Jenny Colebourne.

Jenny has been teaching yoga for over 37 years.

Yoga lessons take place in a quiet meditative space with a view of Ymittos. Apart from the sound of the instructor’s voice, the toning of a specific chakra, silence prevails. The focus is inside one’s own body. The eyes are closed in order to aid concentration and to avoid competition both with oneself and others or specifically focused on a point (dristi). Time is left at the end of the lesson for sharing, questions and clarification. Each asana, or posture, is held, and during this holding the student learns to relax and let go within the structure of the pose. Breathing plays an important part in this process. The results are a greater awareness of the body and a very deep stretching. Classes include deep relaxation, breathing exercises and meditation and are suitable for persons of all ages and fitness levels.

Classes are small groups of up to seven personsAttendance to the meditation is optional and free of charge.


YOGA FOR PREGNANCY with Jenny Colebourne

Classes are by appointment and can be taken at any stage of pregnancy. Sessions include asanas or physical postures, breathing exercises, deep relaxation, and sound vibration and getting in touch with the baby.  Previous experience of yoga is not necessary. The practise helps the mother to maintain flexibility, strengthen the pelvic floor and the upper and lower back. She learns to breathe deeply and effectively and come in touch with her natural female strength. Problems such as nausea, constipation, backache and postnatal depression are helped. Yoga helps the women to participate in a conscious way with the birth process and to enjoy her pregnancy. It gives her a sense of empowerment and security.


"For me being pregnant has been a joyous miraculous grace-filled experience. Unfortunately, out in modern world there seems to be a tendency to focus on this as an inconvenience or something at best to get over with. Through my Pilates and Yoga class we did the opposite. Through gentle tuning I got better in touch with my fruit-bearing miraculous body! In Pilates, the concentration on specific parts of your body helps to focus your energy to feel the sinews, the bones, the muscle gently exercising them and giving them energy and finally relaxing them. In the Yoga lessons, I have been guided to focus on the graceful connection between my body and universal life through breathing and relaxation. And what more important time to do this then when bearing life within oneself, the most amazing miracle of all. When doing Pilates or Yoga I am with my body and with my baby, together we are breathing in and out, moving, flowing and connecting. During both practices, I empty all the bad and the negative, smooth out all the knots and let happiness and wonder come back and fill every molecule of being."


Joanna Stavropoulou, Communications Manager.

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