Dedicated to my brother Andrew

If you have not meditated before please look below for some basic instructions. A SWORD OF LIGHT Imagine a shaft if bright white light. It starts way above the crown of your head and ends up deep in the earth. On the physical plane this light passes through the crown of the head, passes through various points on the spine and exits out through the perineum. How high the light goes and how deep in the earth is limitless.

It is like a sword of light. Its purpose is to • Cleanse us physically, psychologically and spiritually. • To bring balance to the left and right sides of the body. • To bring balance to the female and male aspects of ourselves. • Once this balance is achieved we have enormous power and correct focus. A SPACE OF BRIGHT, WHITE LIGHT Imagine you are sitting in a "room" of light (The sword is still present). This room is filled with a white light that is moving. The room can be any size that you need at this particular time. It may shift and change shape as you meditate. The white light will travel to various places in your body and psyche. Let it do its work. At some point you may feel like you are floating. Experience any kryas fully. Kryas are spontaneous movements that issue from deep inside the body. They are healing movements and are quite different from fidgeting or movements we do consciously. They will happen by themselves so don't worry if you do or do not have them. They will occur when you are ready and when you need them. Let the light move you. The purpose of this phase is • A further cleansing and preparation. PERSONAL WINGS Imagine huge white wings attached to your upper back. Notice how you feel. Experiment.

Ask yourself • How do they smell? • How do they feel? • What is their texture? • How do they open and close? • Try wrapping them around yourself. • Try flying with them. A GOLDEN CROWN Allow a golden crown to be placed on your head.

Allow each phase of the meditation to take as long as it needs. Meditation is timeless.

Some days you may stay within a phase for a long time other days it will be instantaneous. It is perfectly ok to just focus on one phase of the meditation. You will receive your own personal directions and messages as you do the meditation. Follow them.

It is always clarifying to make handwritten notes after meditating.

Make sure you make the notes with your non-dominant hand as well as the one you usually use. You can always transfer the notes to your laptop afterwards!

A VERY BRIEF EXPLANATION OF HOW TO SIT FOR THOSE WHO HAVE NEVER MEDITATED BEFORE If you have not meditated before I suggest that you sit in a chair. It is important for grounding that both soles of the feet are comfortably on the floor hip width apart.

The spine is in balance on its axis.

The palms of the hands are placed on the thighs and facing up to the ceiling.

Close your eyes and be as relaxed as possible.

Use cushions to support your back if you need to. Make sure you are in a quiet space where you will not be interrupted. Allow each phase of the meditation to take as much time as it needs. It is important not to put effort into it rather keep yourself soft and open.

Allow the meditation to unfold rather than forcing it. Avoid judging anything. Everything is good. Make sure that you stay warm throughout. Avoid fidgeting once you have started the meditation. I dedicate this meditation experience to my brother Andrew with much love.

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