Two Amazing Pilates Jerome Andrews' Style Workshops In Central London


Workshop mentor and master teacher Jenny Colebourne

Jenny has been teaching since 1975.

Workshop organizer Ellie Ioannidou.

Study therapeutic-dynamic-endurance-moving with freedom through space aspects of Pilates' work

Saturday 16 July 13.00 - 18.30 Sunday 17 July 10.00 - 17.00

Saturday 23 July 13.00 - 18.30

Sunday 24 July 10.00 - 17.00

There will be a one-hour break for lunch each day.

VENUE To be announced.


I would like to have the freedom to respond to the interests and needs of the group and the individuals in the group.

Each group is unique.

My intention is to humbly pass on the spirit and precision, but at the same time, the freedom of Jerome's work, as I understand it. Like all great teachers Jerome was constantly changing and evolving. The way he taught us was different from the way he taught others. The essence was the same. He always responded to the individual.

Some of the aspects of the work that we will be exploring are:

Dynamic and creative breathing. • Therapeutic experiences (these did not come from Jerome but from a variety of sources) I have found to be deeply healing and prepare students for dynamic work. • Exercises for stamina. • Exercises for strength. • Moving beyond our perceived limitations. • Deep stretching. • Just the joy of movement. • Pilates as a preparation for dancing.

All of this will be through a variety of experiences on the mat, Reformer, Wunda chair, barre and moving through space.

The barre work is very exciting.

Last but not least I want to communicate the joy and freedom that the work brings.


• Pilates Teachers. • Enthusiastic practitioners of Pilates. • Dancers. • Body workers.

It is not necessary to be "advanced" or in "good condition" but it is necessary to be open minded and receptive.

Pay before July 1st for early bird prices: £270 one weekend. £500 for two weekends

After July 1st the prices will be:

£290 for one weekend £530 for two weekends


Please e-mail me at or Ellie at or call at 07931282390 to book your place on the course and details of how to pay.

Please tell me know in your e-mail if you have you have any injuries or health issues that I should be aware of.

I am open to receiving your questions about the work whether it is about your own body or those of specific clients.

Jerome Andrews

Jerome Andrews was at Pilates' side for 10 years. Jerome Andrews was a professional dancer. He was sent by Hanya Holm to Pilates after suffering a serious metatarsal injury. He danced with (among others) Martha Graham and Mary Wigman. He spent the last half of his life in Paris, France where he taught Pilates and dance as well as well as performing and choreographing right up to the end of his life. His book "La Danse Profonde, de la Carcasses à L’Extase", is now available in French.

Jenny Colebourne has been teaching Pilates since 1975. She directs Jenny Colebourne's Illium Center of Light in Athens Greece. She founded the center in 1980. She has been offering an extensive Refined Pilates teacher-training course at her center since 1984. Students presently study for over 2 years and for a minimum of 1000 hours. She met Jerome Andrews when he was in his 80s. He revolutionized her way of teaching Pilates. She has been fortunate to study with Jerome's long time colleague Solange Mignoton. Jenny has been teaching yoga since 1977. She is a Reiki master and her cranial sacral therapist. She has worked extensively with the healing power of sound.

RECOMMENDATIONS. "Jenny Colebourne was my first (Body control) Pilates teacher in 1987. In a way she has been my model teacher for many years. Her teacher training gave me the appropriate tools and skills for teaching Pilates and movement. Each exercise was studied with a lot of precision and care. We discussed the benefits and contraindications of every exercise. We paid a special attention to the public we were addressing to the exercises people suffering with scoliosis etc. The rhythm and the flow of the classes were very appropriate to set a strong and solid ground for my learning style. Her gentle and clear voice was always very inspiring and reassuring. It encouraged me to deepen my own movement practice with the machines props and the mat work. It gave me the confidence to transmit this work to others. She inspired me with trust and confidence in my teaching role. Her training is very complete and thorough with a lot of precision. I recommend it to every person who wants to deepen their own movement practice as well as for those wanting to have a strong training for teaching Pilates. I have a lot of gratitude to her and her training program."

Janet Amato. Pilates teacher, dancer and choreographer, Paris, France.

Janet studied with Jerome and is a long time student and colleague of Solange Mignoton.

More information about Jenny and a blog about Jerome can, go to her websites or

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