My philosophy

I am what you see. I live in the country, in Greece, because I love nature and believe in its positive effects. I teach Pilates, yoga and Reiki and I stay as close to their shared philosophy as I can. I live as honestly and as true to myself as I can. I trust life as far as I can and try to believe in the greater wisdom behind everything. This can be quite challenging at times. I believe in showing and sharing kindness and love. That we are all one. All in this together. I enjoy and respect the differences between races and cultures. I am a feminist in the sense that I believe that feminine qualities to be as essential as masculine ones. That only when women and men live in a state of deep respect and love for one another will we have world peace. I give my very best, on all levels to people around me whether it be professionally or personally. What I practice as a profession is my life. I have a wonderful daughter who I love to bits. I love animals. I am committed to ecological solutions. At home I have a green roof and a geothermic heating and water system.

Jenny Colebourne's
Center of Light

PO Box 41708, Sfalaktron Terma, Mikrochori, 19014, Attiki

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