About us

Jenny Colebourne's Illium Center of Light is a healing center, a space for alternative forms of exercise such as Pilates and Yoga and complementary sessions like Reiki. Upon entering the front door one experiences a sense of peace and harmony. Illium Center is a refuge from the stresses and strains of our modern day world. Seminars offered in Mikrohori near Kapandriti where Jenny is developing a retreat. This gives us the opportunity to work close to nature as well as in town.

 We teach Refined Pilates, refined and honed through our many years of experience and commitment to the work.

Today's Sounding the Heart Yoga© classes have been enriched by the sacred sound work,

The power of the story of the myths, the Reiki touch and the knowledge of the body through the Cranial Sacral work. Reiki in its traditional, powerful form is offered as sessions, seminars, and regular Reiki circle meetings.

Cranial Sacral Sessions are available.

Sacred Sound is very much alive at the center in the form of seminars and sessions.

Special seminars are offered each year.  

At Illium we believe very strongly that every body is beautiful at all ages and that it is important to let go of society’s prejudices of how a body “should” look. We will take you on a journey to rediscover your body, honour its uniqueness and retrain it to move with ease and assurance from its core.

Jenny Colebourne's
Center of Light

PO Box 41708, Sfalaktron Terma, Mikrochori, 19014, Attiki

Tel: +306938796062


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