We teach Refined Pilates, refined and honed through our many years of experience and commitment to the work

Today's Sounding the Heart Yoga© classes have been enriched by the sacred sound work, the power of the story of the myths,

The Reiki touch and the knowledge of the body through the Cranial Sacral work. Reiki in its traditional, powerful form is offered as sessions, seminars, and regular Reiki circle meetings.

Cranial Sacral Sessions are available.

Sacred Sound is very much alive at the center in the form of seminars and sessions. 


Trained practitioners perform our alternative therapies, but as they are not doctors, no medical diagnosis is offered. Before commencing any course of exercise or treatment, you should consult your doctor. Please cancel your appointments a minimum of 24 hours in advance, or else you will be charged.

Jenny Colebourne's
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